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Return to health involves return to work

18 Mar

As GPs we spend half our day telling patients to slow down, relax, reduce their stress levels and cut down on their workload – and the other half of the day encouraging patients to work harder, become more involved and committed and to engage more deeply with work and community.

Work serves many purposes apart from generating income. For many people, work helps define them, gives purpose to their day, provides a social outlet and intellectual stimulus. Work gives people a reason to get out of bed.

Unfortunately, for those who stop working due to chronic illness or injury, there are few ways to replicate the rewards that a satisfying job and workplace can provide. It’s therefore critically important to get people back to work as soon as their health allows.

We are therefore delighted to announce that Advanced Personnel Management – a company that specialises in assisting people with injuries, disabilities or illnesses to return to work – will be consulting from Wellness on Wellington. Their staff includes occupational therapists, psychologists and employment consultants.

Their presence is another indication of how at Wellness on Wellington we are interested in maximising patient’s health using the broadest definition of health and in as many ways as possible.

Use your noodle

11 Mar

A surprising report from the Sydney Children’s Hospital Westmead is that 5% of burns in children are caused by instant noodles. Other hospitals have reported similar findings, including a UK report that hot instant noodles caused over 15% of burns in children under the age of 5.

It seems that increasing use of instant noodles as both a snack and as a meal substitute is contributing to the problem. The burns typically occur on the chest, abdomen and lap suggesting that spilling noodles or the water it’s cooked in is the cause of the problem. It also explains why the researchers identified that noodles cooked in a cup with boiling water are more dangerous than those cooked in the microwave.

Instant noodles are very convenient – though perhaps not all that healthy. And given the risk of burns, perhaps not that good for your health in lots of ways. We aren’t saying ditch them completely – but perhaps ensure that children only prepare and eat them under adequate supervision.