Pop that pill

11 Nov

Lots of patients have trouble taking their medication but German researchers have described two methods that work for most people.

For those trying to swallow capsules, they recommend an old but effective trick. Instead of tipping your head backwards, put the capsule on your tongue, close your mouth, tip your head forward so your chin almost touches your chest then sip water and swallow. Because capsules are light and usually float, the water will lift the capsule up and it will swallow down easily.

For those needing to take a tablet, try putting the tablet on your tongue, purse your lips tightly around a drink bottle and suck in fluid. Swallow immediately. The trick is not to allow any air – if you are doing it right the drink bottle will collapse in slightly because you are sucking so hard.

Try these methods next time you or your family have issues with medication. If they are still not able to get their medication down, come see us about alternatives.

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