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Yes finger, No finger

4 Dec

One of our favourite sports is commenting on the frequent updated guidelines on prostate cancer testing. Currently there are SEVEN approved sets of guidelines – each of which differs from the others on who and how to test men without symptoms to see if they have cancer (screening).

Today, there is an eighth.

To be fair, the new guidelines are in draft form only, they aim to bring consensus to the process and they are looking at the evidence as carefully as one can.

The most interesting early discussion point is that digital rectal examination (DRE – the finger up the backside) is no longer recommended. This comes as a surprise to those of us who were taught that DRE is free, simple, side effect free and useful. But the best research study suggests that it only picks up a very, very small number of additional cancers and runs the risk on increasing the false positive rate (suggesting men have cancer and need biopsies when in fact there is nothing wrong).

The jury is still out on this and the guidelines are only in draft stage. But at least you can have some expert advice to back you up when you are arguing with your doctor about the merits of DRE!

See for more details.

The longer, the better

1 Dec

As our practice continues to grow, we are always welcoming new staff. But today we want to acknowledge old staff – those who have been with us a long time and demonstrated enormous commitment to the families and communities we serve in Lysterfield, Rowville and Ferntree Gully.

We recently began presenting Certificates of Appreciation to long-serving staff members.
Nancy Cosentino and Melissa Yandle – both friendly, efficient and helpful – began as receptionists at our clinic just after we moved from Dandelion Drive and have recently completed 10 years service.
Nurse Amanda Dolphin – highly regarded by patients and staff alike for her skills, care and manner – has been with us since 2003.
Dr Kim Leow received his certificate after completing 10 years service in February this year.
Finally, Dr Elise Liew received both 10 and 15 year certificates, having first joined us as a registrar in 1998.
We sincerely thank these dedicated team members for their many years of care and commitment to our practice and patients.