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Mother and child

28 Oct

We all know:
– that vaccines are very effective (but nothing is perfect) at preventing nasty – even fatal – diseases in childhood;
– that vaccination for kids starts at 2 months of age; and that therefore
– there is a gap in protecting children between birth and their first vaccination at 6-8 weeks of age.

We also know that this is the age group that suffers the most severe disease if they do contract an infection like pertussis (whooping cough).

So how to best prevent newborns from getting infected?

New research from England shows that immunising mothers during pregnancy against whooping cough will decrease the chances of the baby getting whooping cough by around 70%. That’s a great decrease in infection risk, and prevents an incredibly distressing illness. Even if not fatal, whooping cough can make a child very sick (see this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3oZrMGDMMw)

If you are planning to get pregnant, come and see us a few months before you start trying. There’s lots to talk about!

Flu shots in pregnancy

17 Jan

A huge Norwegian study (published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine) has shown that flu vaccine is not only safe during pregnancy but helps protect the mother and possibly the baby from nasty complications.


Nearly 120,000 women were studied, and the researchers showed:
– contracting flu during pregnancy almost doubles the risk of the fetus dying
– vaccination cuts the risk of getting flu by 70%
– pregnant women who were vaccinated had less risk of complications of flu (including less death)
– the babies of vaccinated women did not suffer any more complications. In fact there was a suggestion (but not proof) that they were born healthy more often.

Flu vaccines can be given at any time during pregnancy – even in the first trimester.

We’ll let you know when the flu vaccine is available at the surgery.